At Adair Salvage, we have quickly become something of a brickyard super center. We offer a large supply of ever changing pavers, retaining wall bricks, patio stones and more.

Since we buy these pavers in large quantities we receive massive discounts. Because of that, we are able to pass the savings along to you, so you receive the same rock bottom pricing you are used to from Adair Salvage. 

So on your next landscaping or patio project, try Adair Salvage so after your project is done you have money left in your budget to buy furniture to put on your new patio!

Our inventory is ever changing, but we usually can always offer you huge discounts on these types of landscaping stones and bricks:


In addition to pavers and stone, we also carry fire pit rings in both square and round styles as well as railroad ties which are a great addition to landscape beds or retaining walls since they are treated to withstand constant abuse and withstand even the toughest weather.