• Different Bargains Daily
  • Culverts & Drainage Supplies
  • Fencing Posts and Boards
  • Windows In All Sizes
  • Select Cut Lumber, Treated Dimensional
  • Landscaping Stones and Pavers
  • Steel, Iron and other Metals
  • Trim and Moldings To Finish Any Job
  • Barn Metal Siding and Roofing
  • doors
Different Bargains Daily1 Culverts & Drainage Supplies2 Fencing Posts and Boards3 Windows In All Sizes4 Select Cut Lumber, Treated Dimensional5 Landscaping Stones and Pavers6 Steel, Iron and other Metals7 Trim and Moldings To Finish Any Job8 Barn Metal Siding and Roofing9 doors10

Adair Salvage was established in 1960 by John J. Pavlik, Jacob Rycerz, and the current owner, John W. Pavlik.

It all started with a truck load of lumber from a building demolition in Detroit, MI. The three men brought the lumber back, pulled out the nails, cut off the bad ends and stacked it.

Farmers from the surrounding area began to notice the stacked pile of lumber and wanted to purchase it from them. Realizing a need, John, Jacob and John expanded the business with all sorts of items, mostly from demolition sites.

Today, John W. Pavlik is following in his father and uncles footsteps, but times have also changed. The items are no longer from demolition sites, but new closeout and overstock items.

Adair Salvage now receives items from the east and west coasts, and their stock changes daily!! What this means for the customer is that if they can't find what they need on a Monday, it may be there on Tuesday. Adair Salvage also takes things a step further for their customers by offering the ability to special order many items to meet their customers needs in the ever changing and demanding construction marketplace.